The Happiness Project

This week for independent learning project I want to research what makes other happy. The past couple of weeks I have been focusing on m own happiness and how I maintain a happy and positive outlook on life. I got to thinking and I realized I am pretty happy with how my life is going, and I want to exude that happiness to others, so the question is what makes people happy?

I was doing some research and I found a book called the The Happiness Project a book about finding happiness, keeping it, and sharing it with the world. The Happiness Project has moved on from just a book and is now a movement in the world. I have recently found this book for rent at the library and will be reading it, hopefully it will take about a week. I am going to cut out television until I finish it so I have no distractions from my happiness project.

I am hoping to learn a lot about happiness and how to share it with those around us. As well as reading this book I want to start getting out of my comfort zone a little more to find things that make me happy. I know exercise makes me happy so I am going to be doing more group class fitness at the college. Working out with a group of people has always kind of scared me because I think I look stupid working out, but who cares? I’m sure everyone is thinking they look silly.

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Something else I want to start doing is eating healthier. This will take me out of my comfort zone because I love bad food, greasy, carby, sugary, salty, bad food. I want to work on my diet in order to improve my mood, sleep habits, and fitness habits. I think they all go hand in hand, so hopefully it will be like a perfect game of Tetris, everything falling into place. My first eating change, and it seems very extreme, but I want to start big and decrease if necessary, i am going to eliminate gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. I will do this for 30 days and see what about me has changed.

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12 thoughts on “The Happiness Project

  1. It’s cool that you realize that true happiness cannot be had until you go out of your comfort zone. And your dedication to read an entire book to explore similar notions is impressive. Good luck on the centering yourself through reading, study, and diet discipline.


  2. A healthy diet is 70 percent of the battle. I will disagree that you should get rid of beans if that is what you are doing. I live by the theory, although I do allow myself to cheat, that I eat things as close to the natural form as possible. So beans are good as long as they aren’t processed. Processed foods, refined sugars, refined carbs, and dairy are really not that good for your body. Some of them are not as bad as others and you can’t expect to go out and automatically bat a thousand.


    1. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of the no beans rules either, but it is easy for me because I have never really liked beans anyway! I think I’m going to continue eating chickpeas and garbanzo beans, but most other beans I think are pretty gross! The dairy is the hardest part, I LOVE cheese!


  3. I’m with eholmessite… I would also try to start eating things in moderation rather than giving them up all together so your body doesn’t take as hard of a hit. Good lick though!


  4. I tried to talk my husband into doing the Whole30 diet (sounds similar to what you’ll be doing) but he wouldn’t go for it. We cook mostly from scratch but also are very involved in our church and our kids are in sports so we do have some nights where we eat a lot of processed foods. And we both definitely have a sweet tooth. And to be honest, the no alcohol thing would be very hard for me as I really enjoy my nightly glass of wine. Good luck, I hope you get the results you’re looking for!


  5. That is quite a challenge! I admire your dedication, and I wish you the best of success! If you don’t mind me asking, what will your diet consist of? Is that a strictly plant-based diet?


  6. It’s cool that you want your happiness to shine through and make others see your joy! Best of luck with your new diet challenge – I admire those who have the self-discipline it takes to do something like that. I will be anxious to see how these changes affect your mood and overall happiness. Thanks for sharing!


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