Digital Dangers

Recently my Instagram account was hacked, and it took me by complete surprise and shock and to be honest I felt violated. One of my friends texted me a screen shot of my Instagram profile, but the picture was a girl wearing a very reviling bikini and only showing her breasts and stomach, and it cut off her face. Immediately I started to panic. Who was this girl, how did she get my information, and what could I do to get rid of her? Then I started to realize this probably wasn’t a girl at all and that just made me sick so I panicked and deleted my account altogether.

This made me realize how unsafe the internet can be. Even if you have a really strong password and private account it can still be hacked. I hate the person who took advantage of my account like that, but after deleting it, realizing no harm was really done, I was able to move on.

From the viewpoint of a future teacher however, I got to thinking about how dangerous the cyber-world can be for a young person unaware of what to do in a situation that is similar to what happened to me. Cyber bullying has become a really big problem in the world today, and one of the reasons I think it is so hard to stop and so hard to change is because you have these online trolls  hiding behind their computers feeding off negativity, but not having to face the person they are putting down. Something to consider is that no matter how upset it makes you to see someone putting your ideas down in such negative ways, is to rise above it. If you have no reaction then they lose.

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There are so many dangers of cyber bullying and it is important to educate ourselves and our students on how to handle it and how to report it so the problem stops. Hackers are able to use trolling for bad, so why can’t we use hacking for good too? If students report any cyber bullying right away then maybe a good hacker can figure out where the problem is coming from and put a stop to it right away.

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On the topic of hacking I think it also important to teach kids how to keep their information private so they have less of a chance of being put in danger. This is a link to a “survival kit” to protecting yourself against the dangers of unwanted hacking. Educating ourselves is a good first step in protecting ourselves against any digital dangers that might be hiding in cyber world.


3 thoughts on “Digital Dangers

  1. I love your survival kit – notice the more detailed one available on the right side if you want to get more complicated. Sorry your account got hacked. I would document the problem in case some of the negative pictures show up in your history someday – especially since you want to be a teacher. This blog post might work as that documentation.


  2. Whoops, I accidentally pushed enter and I don’t know how to delete comments! Anyway, I’m sorry to hear about your account being hacked. I always hear about that happening, but I’m sure it affects more than I can imagine – both online and emotionally. Thanks for sharing!


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