Innovation as a Learner

I think that in the learning process I have been going through this semester, in all my classes, I have learned how to step out side of my comfort zone a little bit in order to do what is necessary to improve my learning and the learning of others around me. I have been more creative about the projects that I have had to complete this year. One of my classes we had to create lesson plans, but without using Pinterest. We had to come up with these ideas without getting them from someone else. I thought it was going to be a huge challenge at first, but the further I dived into my creative mind the more fun I was having coming up with these lesson plans from scratch.

I think that George Couros makes a lot of good points in his blog, The Mindset of an Innovator . He says that as an educator he is an innovator because in education he must create and design learning experiences with the question, “what is best for learners?” in mind. He also says that in order to really improve himself as an educator he can’t just focus on the things he needs improving on, but looking at where he is strong and improving those further. I think that is such a good point to make when thinking of innovation.

Will Richardson brings up a lot of good points in his blog, The Unlearning Curve . He brings up the ideas that because a classroom can be anywhere none we need to get away from the idea of learning taking place only in the four walls of a classroom. Learning can be so much more than a classroom if educators push the boundaries a little bit and trust our students to take on the challenge. That is the biggest thing that I have unlearned this semester is that learning is not just in a school. I don’t know why I never thought about it until this semester, but I think it just takes looking at many different ways that it is done to really see it.

Learning outside of a classroom is almost better than being stuck in a classroom for eight hours a day, five days a week. That can make any adult go stir crazy let alone a child. Children need to run, explore, jump, play, and not be sitting all day. A child’s attention span just isn’t as long as it should be for the traditional education system of sitting still and taking in all the information, and retaining all of it. Children should be outside learning and playing and using their hands to help them learn. I think the thing that I have most enjoyed about learning this semester is hacking education. I think that the ways that of educational innovation and breaking free from a typical classroom setting can be so amazing for children as learners.

Something that I would like to continue to unlearn as an educator is how to get students to open up about what they want to learn about. I think by asking kids what they are interested in is a good first step to unlearning the traditional sense of education. Kids are smarter than a lot of people give them credit for, and I think if educators learned how to really listen to them we will help them stay interested in learning.

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