Free Your Mind

My whole belief system is set up on the idea that a free mind is a happy mind. Finding ways to elevate stress, reading a book, taking a hike, and eating the whole bar of chocolate are ways that my mind finds freedom. When I am feeling down in the dumps nothing makes me perk right back up than picturing my favorite spot clearly in my head.

The air so crisp and fresh it almost stings your lungs as you breath it in. Scents of fresh sage and undertones of wildflowers tickle your nose. The sunshine kisses your skin as the sharp bite of the mountain summer air hits your bare shoulders, the bright blue sky stretching for eons above you dotted hear and there with white cream puff clouds. If you listen close enough you may hear the buzzing of a honey bee or twitter of a blue bird, if you are lucky enough you may even hear the sounds of fairies and elves giggling around unseen in the depths of the tress. Follow a path so overgrown with brush and forest, it would be hidden if you didn’t know it was there. Climb through the brambles each time a branch caresses your leg, arm or face the delightful, calming smell of evergreen clouds your mind. The ground becomes rocky, you climb higher into the sky until the world below you is dotted with trees, so small they could have come from a toy set. Standing on top of the world the air thin and clear, there are no sounds up here just your own heaving breath. This is where my mind becomes free.

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My Digital Story

My metaphor for what I want my classroom to be is; a classroom is like your favorite book. It is familiar and you know how the story is going to go, but there is going to be something there that you haven’t noticed before.  

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