Once Upon a Computer…

Once upon a computer… a catchy first line for a story about a computer, but what about a story on a computer? Storytelling has been around since the first caveman drew a picture about his hunt on the cave wall. The advances of storytelling have grown with time, Joe Sabia gives a TED Talk about the growth of storytelling and technology and how far we as a human race have come.


The point of this video is that storytelling comes in many different formats and has in itself become a story. Digital storytelling is going to be what is in store for the future. Already books are being transferred into Kindle and iPad and tablet format (even though I will always love the smell of opening a book), paper is becoming obsolete. So what is digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling is using digital tools so ordinary people can tell their own real-life stories. People are able to be creative in a way that they know someone, somewhere will read, watch, or see it. Just knowing that someone will see your creativity is motivation to want to learn how to put it out there properly. That is where ds106 comes in!

DS106 is a FREE online course offered many times throughout the semester through the University of Mary Washington. After exploring the website for a while, I found that it is a lot of work, any class where you are learning new skills is going to be hard! It also looks fun, informative, and exciting. I think anyone who finds themselves a little technologically illiterate (ME!) will find this class helpful.

There is some start-up information that you need to look at in order to be successful, and in that information some more must haves for ds106, but it is all pretty standard stuff for a computer class.

In my life I tend to think of technology as an out of control train coming at me with no way of embracing it or stopping it. I don’t like technology very much and I think the feeling is mutual, technology doesn’t seem to work for me like it does for other people. This class would be very helpful in teaching me how to embrace technology before I get crushed by it or worse, left behind.

Image result for hermione granger meme I'm going to bed

In a classroom standpoint technology is growing so fast, and kids are learning about it at such a young age, it is hard not be frightened about getting left behind or not knowing how to keep up with the students, so I would love to use this class as a way for personal growth in my life.


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