Daily Creates #18-23

Daily Create #18: The Onion’d Article:

This is the link to an article in The New York Times explaining that children who drink whole milk are healthier than kids who drink low fat milk.


This is the article that would appear in the Onion Magazine:

Cows on Strike!

Cows in Canada are now on a milk strike due to the information that humans are refusing to drink whole milk. These cows believe that their milk should be drunk as is, without processing the fat out of it. The information that Canadian cows are on strike has traveled to the American cows where it is rumored they will soon follow suite if there is no change.


Daily Create #19: A Story in the Alphabet:

A Bumblebee carefully drove elephants far, going higher in jam killings. Little mammals never opened postcards, quickly running, strongly trying, under various wealth, (e)xamining young zebras.


Daily Create #20: Dream it… Write it:

How did I get here? Hmm… There is a pink tree… Seems normal. What else do we have here? More pink trees start forming along with a very interesting looking city. All the buildings look as if they are made of jello, they are moving up and down and jiggling in a very whimsical way. A horse appears in a street and tells me to follow him so of course I do. The horse leads me to a door and we go through it to a land that is green and lush with foliage. I look at the horse again and he has transformed into a pure white flying horse. I hop on and he swoops up into the sky and off we go! Just like that though I lose my balance and begin to fall off down as if in slow motion. The world is moving so fast, but I am going so slowly. Before I hit the ground the world is jerked away and I am laying in my soft bed.


Daily Create #21: Recipe Haiku:

Add the milk and egg

Whisk sugar until fluffy

Add the rest and bake.


Daily Create #22: Your Very Own Face:

Looking in my modern day mirror… Snapchat, I see my face is a bit on the oval and square shaped. I have a small dimpled chin, and Cupid’s bow lips that are dark pink. My nose is small and has a button quality to it. I have smile wrinkle lines on my cheeks and small ears that don’t stick out very far. My eyes are almond shaped and today they look dark green, my dad always calls them Lake Dallas Green. My eyebrows are think and full, dark brown. My eyelashes are long and dark, I have no makeup on. My hair is dark, slightly wavy and long, today it is pulled back into a bun as it is most days.


Daily Create #23: Instagram is Done… Describe Your Lunch:

Today my lunch is a salad with mixed greens, red and green lettuce dark green and purple colors sitting in a creamy white colored bowl. The toppings are pomegranate seeds, a dark magenta color. Also some grilled chicken giving a splash of light whitish color. Avocado is piled on top cut in thin slices a bright, vibrant green color. The last topping is the dressing, a balsamic vinaigrette, the color is a pleasing grey color covering the rest of the food.





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