Daily Create #10-#17

#10: The Way It Should Have Been:

What if on that fatefully cold and sad Halloween night Peter Petigrew stayed loyal to his friends, the Potters? Voldemort wouldn’t had found them and they would be free to raise their child, Harry Potter. Their best friends Sirius Black and Remus Lupin would have been in Harry’s life in happy memories rather than in sadness. Harry would not have known that harsh childhood of living with the Dursley’s. The Potter’s could have continued their work with Dumbledore and the rest of the order of the Phoenix to defeat Lord Voldemort. The wizarding world could have been peaceful. Harry would get accepted to Hogwarts with full knowledge of who and what he is, he wouldn’t be famous for something he didn’t remember, something that brought him so much pain. He would be normal and happy. If only the Potters weren’t betrayed by their “friend” Harry could have had all this.

#11: Favorite Historic Character Meeting:

In light of what is happening in the world today the famous person in history that I would like to have a meeting with is Martin Luther King Jr. I would talk to him about fighting hate, and keeping peace even when everyone wants you to turn violent. How do you solve a national problem of hate? If I meet him on the street today I imagine the scene would be a peace rally protest for equal rights and as a peaceful protester I would bump into him on accident due to my natural clumsiness. He would offer me a hand to help stand up, I would take it not realizing who he is at first, then with a second glance realization would dawn. He would walk with me and explain that all the fighting and hatred is what tears a nation apart, and we need to remain strong and together.

#12: Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction:

Take two television shows and combine them into one story.

Grey’s Anatomy and the Walking Dead.

The scene is a hospital room. The music is somewhat upbeat with the characters of grey’s Anatomy walking through the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital. The chief comes rushing in saying there has been another case of the virus. A man is carried into the hospital on a stretcher, clutching his arm. He claims that someone bit him on the street, the woman who bit him was rabid and he couldn’t get rid of her so he did the only thing that seemed logical, he took his concealed weapon and shot her in the chest. She didn’t slow down just came at him faster. The man shot again and again until he hit her in the head and she went down. The wound where she bit him was starting to get pretty bad so he called an ambulance. The man is shaky and he has broken into a sweat. The residents of the hospital look at one another, trying to figure out the best way to treat this patient. The virus has been confirmed that it is passed through biting and scratching from an infected host. The man on the stretcher has been ignored while the doctors have been talking, something is happening to him… he is starting to convulse and in a moment he is dead. His hand starts to twitch and his eyes open, unseeing and angry. The man steps off the stretcher and slowly approaches one of the doctors with a low growl. The doctor unsuspecting, can’t move out of the way fast enough. She gets bit in the shoulder by the man, releasing a bloodcurdling scream. The rest of the doctors take notice, but it is too late, the virus has broken out in the hospital. The virus moves fast and has no known cure. Chaos has ensued and there is no stopping it.

#13:   Haiku it up!

Image result for the ocean

Sharp teeth, big black eyes

In the depths, misunderstood

Just want to say “hi”

#14. Quote Me On That:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” –Albert Einstein. I love this quote because it explains the problem with the public school system and the amount of testing students are required to do throughout school.

#15: Your Last Words:

The last words I think I would say, pending the situation, in this case a weirdly funny, unexpected death. I’ve been taking skydiving lessons for a while now, and I’m allowed to do my first solo jump! Everyone says not to but I say I’m going for it. The parachute of course fails and the only thing I can think to say is… “Shoot!”

#16: Dear Diary: A Disney Villain’s Diary:

Scar from the Lion King:

Day 45 of the little cub watch, more like babysitting. I can’t wait until my evil plan can be carried out and I can take care of my brother, convince the cub to run away and finally get the girl! I wish people would realize that I’m not a bad guy I’m just in love with this one lioness. I overheard her one day she likes men in power, I thought I was in the clear with her being the king’s brother and all, but she keeps rejecting me. The only thing left to do is kill the king as a grand gesture of love! Gotta go, the little brat is here, talk after the plan is finished!

#17: Twister Tweet:



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