Words and Pictures

This week has been about digital creations, and we were able to play around with some creation tools; Canvas and Piktograph. The site I explored was Canvas, I was able to make two cool posters that I think represent the happiness project I have been working on this semester.



The most challenging part of this was trying to create a poster that looked good, got the point across, and didn’t have a lot of clutter. I think that when creating a poster or something that has limited space but has a message then less is more.

When I see a poster on the street that is cluttered I loose interest, but when I see just a single image with a small amount of text I’m more intrigued.

I think these would be great tools to use in the classroom. They are (mostly) FREE! I love when I see the word free, and there are so many different layouts and graphics that are free. It is also really easy to use, I think kids would have a really fun time creating a classroom poster or some other type of project.

I think when presenting ideas in this visual way the information gets across in different ways rather than just words on a screen. It makes the information being presented seem less intimidating.


2 thoughts on “Words and Pictures

  1. ‘Mostly’ free – love it! Enough of the tool is there that we can have fun. If you want to dig deeper and support the creation of extras, we can contribute to the project financially. I appreciate your explanation for the need of simplicity in your designs.


  2. Simplicity is key, I agree! I’m a bit of a minimalist myself, and combined with vision and processing issues, the whole philosophy of “less is more” is super important. Plus simple forms force us to decide what information needs to be included. Good post!


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