Digital Storytelling

After the readings and videos from this week I am more convinced than I was before that using digital tools in the classroom is such a powerful way to get students interested in the topic.

The podcast “Serial” is such an interesting and entertaining podcast, I listened to it when it first came out and was hooked I didn’t want to do anything else besides listen to it and try to figure out the mystery! It is like being immersed in your favorite law TV show or movie.

I can see myself using this method of teaching in a classroom if I was planning on teaching an older grade, but in a younger grade level the use of audio books and podcasts is still a great option. It helps students maximize their listening skills which helps with their literacy skills, which helps with almost every other learning subject.

Audio tools used for learning are also great for students with learning difficulties because it allows them to gain the information in a different way and it could possibly be the way that works better for them. Some students get discouraged when they struggle with their reading, but when they have the chance to hear the book read aloud then they may be more inclined to read on their own.

Some disadvantages to using podcasts or audio learning tools is that it might be difficult for students to follow along or stay interested without something in front of them to see. This just goes back to the idea of differentiated education, everyone learns differently and we as teachers need to have plenty of resources available for all the learning styles we will encounter.

I viewed some of the digital stories from the links provided and I was in tears because some of them were so emotionally powerful. Videos that are only 1-5 minutes long that are generating that much emotion is incredible, and I would love to have students see how much of an impact some stories can be if they are told in the right way. Digital storytelling is a great way to allow students to explore their own powerful storytelling skills.

The digital stories that I watched are:

These stories are very different but they all produce some really powerful emotions and give me courage to pursue my dreams, love, happiness, and find the meaning of my life.


3 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling

  1. I remember hearing about “Serial” but I never actually listened to it before. Since I had the opportunity to listen to I can see how people were drawn in and got hooked on it! It is very similar to television shows if you ask me, so easy to get caught up in!


  2. I can definitely see how podcasts such as Serial can get a person hooked! I love the advantages you discussed to using podcasts in the classroom. Differentiation is such an important thing when it comes to teaching and podcasts are another way to accommodate different kinds of learners. I also like what you said about digital stories – some of them are very powerful and should be shared with the world. Thanks for sharing!


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