Daily Create 2-9

Daily Create days 2-8:


Day 2: Fan Fiction Picture: Favorite Song: Rocky Mountain High by John Denver.


Day 3: Car Lust: The car: Ferrari, red, convertible. This is my dream car. Backstory:

One day when I was wandering through Monaco I ended up outside of the Monte Carlo casino. I saw a deep red Ferrari convertible, I couldn’t help myself as I walked up to the driver’s side door, like I was in a trance. I reached for the door and to my disbelief the door was unlocked! I got in and turned the keys that were miraculously in the ignition. I drove out of the casino, raced down the streets, and was off on the highway of the French coastline.

Image result for ferrari 458

Day 4: Love in three frames:

My adventures as an aunt: True unconditional love

Day 5: Surreal Panorama:


Day 6: Your Dreams out the Window:


Enter a caption

Day 7: Selfie with your pet

Day 8: Disney Icon: Create a Disney icon as the center of attention


Daily Create 9: Colorize it! Create a photo with surreal or interesting colors



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