Project Happiness Check-in

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For the last few weeks I have been reading a book called the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin in order to find out what can help make people happy. The main thing that I have gotten from the book so far is that when are happy it makes the people around you happy! In this book the author has twelve happiness commandments and they are:

  1. Be you
  2. Let it go
  3. Act the way I want to feel
  4. Do it now
  5. Be polite and fair
  6. Enjoy the process
  7. Spend out
  8. Identify the problem
  9. Lighten up
  10. Do what ought to be done
  11. No calculation
  12. The is only one love.

The author also has some secrets of adulthood:

  1. People don’t notice your mistakes as much as you think you
  2. It’s okay to ask for help
  3. Most decisions don’t require extensive research
  4. Do good, feel good
  5. It’s important to be nice to EVERYONE
  6. Bring a sweater
  7. By doing a little bit each day, you can get a lot accomplished
  8. Soap and water remove most stains
  9. Turning the computer on and off a few times often fixes a glitch
  10. If you can’t find something, clean up
  11. You can choose what you do; you can’t choose what you like to do
  12. Happiness doesn’t always make you feel happy
  13. What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while
  14. You don’t have to be good at everything
  15. If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough
  16. Over-the-counter medicines are very effective
  17. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good
  18. What’s fun for other people might not be fun for you–and vise versa
  19. People actually prefer that you buy wedding gifts off their registry
  20. You can’t profoundly change your children’s natures by nagging them or signing them up for classes
  21. No deposit, no return.

This list of adulthood secrets is pretty brilliant. I highlighted #12 because through this ILP I have been doing things that are in theory supposed to make a person happy, but I haven’t been feeling happy all the time. One that also stands out to me is the one right below that, #13. Doing something every day makes more of a difference than doing something once in a while. That is so true because when you say you are going to work out every day and then just do it once a week you won’t see results. The same goes for dieting; if you have a cheat day once a week or twice a week then you are starting from square one every time.

The beginning chapters of this book have been very enlightening and informative. I am looking forward to continuing reading this so I can continue my own person happiness project!



9 thoughts on “Project Happiness Check-in

  1. This sounds like an awesome book to read. I loved a lot of the things you mentioned from the list of commandments and the secretes of adulthood. They really touched my soul in some spots. It was really enlightening to read your post! Thank you!


  2. This sounds like a great book. I loved the lists you provided. I also especially like number 13: happiness doesn’t always make you feel happy. This is so true and some people don’t understand why. Anyways, I look forward to seeing your next IPL, this was a great post.

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  3. This book sounds really cool! Some of the secrets to adulthood made me laugh, especially “bring a sweater.” This book also sounds like a really great resource for you independent learning project! Thank you for sharing

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