FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

FOMO is an epidemic that takes hold of many people when they are connected to social media watching people partake in exciting activities, but it also happens when you aren’t connected to social media and you fear for what you are missing out just seeing. I suffer from FOMO as a person who moved away from all my friends to finish college in a town where I don’t really know anyone. I see my friends having fun on the weekends and I can’t help feeling left out even though there is nothing to do about it.

Maybe the solution to this FOMO is to just give up social media outlets all together. I think it would be hard at first, but in the end I think it would make me happier to get off the internet for a while. Talking on the phone has become a lost art. People would rather text, send a snapchat, or direct message. Why is it so hard to have a conversation on the phone? I blame it on the fact that I am painfully awkward to talk to on the phone, but that had to stem from somewhere right?

Paul Miller quit the internet for a year.

I think that if I didn’t have school to worry about I would like to give up the internet for a while. Just go to the mountains and really live for a little bit. It has been so long since I have been unconnected and I would like to get back to that person I was when I was young and carefree.

I didn’t get a smartphone until 2015 so I wasn’t as connected as some of my friends were, but I still had a laptop that had Facebook and other social media outlets. Now that I have a smartphone it is like an extension of my arm, I am rarely seen without it. I have 48 applications on my phone! I don’t even remember downloading half of them! I went through and deleted the ones I don’t use daily or think are important, now I have 11 applications, not including the ones that come preset on iPhone that you can’t delete.

In a group of people sitting together you can probably see every single one of them on their phone tweeting, posting, taking pictures of what is going on, but you don’t see them talking to each other about it. The internet is great, but sometimes when we get too involved in the internet we miss out on what is really important: social connections.

In the Ted talk above Miller talks about being lonely when he quit the internet for a year, and I can see why he would be lonely, but sometimes I feel lonely even with the use of the internet. Being consistently connected to the internet can be poisoning to normal social skills and I would personally love to quit the internet for at least a month.

I think once I graduate next year and don’t need the internet for school I will try to quit the internet for at least a month. That is one of my new goals!


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