Digital Activism

Digital activism is when a person uses digital tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. in order to take a stand or bring awareness to a social and/or political change. In the article on Teen Vogue’s website called, The New Face of Teen Activism, the author explains how much of a difference being an online activist can be as opposed to a face-to-face activist. The author shares a statistic that says two out of three Millennials believe, that a person on a computer, being aware and spreading the word is capable of sparking more change than a person on the street, rallying and protesting.

The reason for this? I think that because we live in a technological society it makes sense that to be heard our voices have a bigger impact via a computer screen. When I am walking down the street and see someone screaming and waving signs I barely take a second glance at them. Now if I’m on Facebook and I see an interesting article title accompanied by a controversial photo I stop to read the article.

It seems to me tat in a teenagers world the most important thing to activate for is suicide prevention, depression help, eating disorders, bullying, and self-harm. These are all incredibly important issues that should be addressed because this is what most teens are forced to deal with. That is one problem I have with technology becoming more dominate in a child’s life is the amount of hate that is online.

“Technology gives kids power that people their age have never had. Let’s help them use it wisely.” Marc Prensky. This quote is really amazing to me because it brings the problem that many kids have and feel today. Technology is incredible, there is no denying it, but there are so many ways to abuse technology that, it is no wonder that cyber-bullying is a huge problem. Kids need to be taught how to use technology safely and respectfully.

The winner of the Teen Activism Awards made a program called the Buddy System. It is a program that gives kids who need someone o talk to a chance to do that. It also posts really inspirational things on Twitter and other social media sources so someone looking through them can see that they are not alone, and they can get help whenever they need it.

Digital activism is great, I think it really helps people get their voices heard on important issues, but with like everything else online you have to learn how to sift through all the…

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