Daily Create 10-24-16

This is my first daily create. I went to the assignment bank on ds106 and clicked on a “random” assignment, and the website generated one for me. The assignment is from the writing  section and I have to write my own adventure.

Image result for choose your own adventure

I want to jump right into the story, the book is going to be about an adventure through a haunted corn maze…

Left or right? There is a scarecrow hanging from the middle of the maze at the intersection, seemingly harmless. You choose to go left. Walking through the rows of endless corn in the dark of night with only a sliver of light from the crescent moon to guide you. Your footsteps are not the only ones you hear, there are some behind you some coming from your right from inside the maze and maybe some in front of you. The footsteps from inside the maze are getting louder, you chance a glance back and see the “harmless” scarecrow slouched up against the wall about five feet away from you. The footsteps from the center of the maze are still coming strong and faster now, do you run or stay still? You decide to run! Running as fast as you can without looking around you see some light at the end of the maze, but too late the scarecrow trips you and as you look up, the stitched on face is the last thing you see before it drags you back into the corn maze, forever lost.


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