Google Yourself

I googled myself and apparently I am a middle aged woman running for Pierre, South Dakota city commissioner. I wasn’t aware of this but hey, I guess I’ll run with it? That was the third result that cam up when I searched, the first two were “did you mean…” Jamie Dimon, who is a billionaire (I wish) chief executive and president of JP Morgan one of the largest American banks. Wow one letter difference in my name and I could be a billionaire, puts things in perspective. In all seriousness though, I couldn’t find myself on the first three pages of Google! So I narrowed my search and put my middle name in there and I came up sixth on the list, and it was only my voting information that was on there, kind of scary because it has my address, but other than that I couldn’t find anything about myself on Google, at least not easily. There are plenty of other “Jamie Damon” profiles on Facebook, I didn’t even come up on a top 20 list of Facebook names for Jamie Damon. This search made me feel pretty small on the cyber world blip. It’s not all bad though, I don’t like being easy to find on the internet, it freaks me me out a little bit.


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