For my independent learning project I am researching the art of being happy and how to teach that. This week I have doing a lot of research on the physical strength and how it relates to happiness. Obviously when we exercise endorphins get released to make us happy, but how do we keep those happy thoughts going all day?

Something that I have always been very interested in is yoga. It is wonderful for your body and mind. By doing yoga at least once a day I am able to keep my good mode going throughout the day. If I am having a bad day, I will take a break for an hour and roll out my mat and just tune out the rest of the world and just be present with my mind and body.

The practice of yoga is based on the seven chakras of a person. The chakras are in order front he ground up: The root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the eye, and the crown. These are each represented with a different color and body part, they serve many different functions for keeping your body in line with the mind and keeping your mind happy.

For this week I am going to do a personal yoga challenge for myself. In the past I was able to practice yoga two or three times a day, but with life getting in the way I have fallen out of my practices and I have noticed a difference in my inner self and how my life has started to progress. It is scattered and seems out of control sometimes, so I want to get that control back. My yoga challenge will be, I will practice yoga AT LEAST once a day Monday through Sunday for the next 30 days. I believe that after the 30 days are up I will want to continue this regardless, so 30 days is just a time for me to become motivated again.

I also predict that as the challenge progresses I will start to see improvements in my sleep, eating habits, other forms of excessive, and generally mood improving. I hope to release a lot of stress that I have built up, and hope that my inner speech about myself and others will improve. I have downloaded an app on my phone that walks you through yoga sequences, so it is like having a yoga studio in your home!

Stay tuned to see my results and progress here on my blog! As always stay happy! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. This is indeed a great challenge you are putting for yourself! I myself have been playing around with the idea of doing yoga to help my independent study. There are so many physical and mental benefits to participating in yoga. The release of endorphins is the very same thing that keeps running from boring me and definitely has a theraputic effect. Good luck on your journey and I am interested on how it goes!


  2. I like it. I don’t know much about the meaning behind yoga but I do know that I made fun of it one day and an ex girlfriend made me do it with her. It was really hard. I know the feeling about getting out of control. Sometimes you have to real it in and make the change. It takes about a month to make something a habit. I know for myself that I quit making my workouts an option. I started saying that I was going to workout. Not, I might workout.


  3. I find it impressive that you recognize subtle changes in your day to day life based on discipline of schedule. Most times it will take me weeks to find out where I went wrong. With that said if you are aware of it then you are well on your way to re-centering and moving on with the project. The seven chakras are seemingly rooted in philosophy and physiology. I never knew that yoga encompassed so much.


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